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hey there. just a run down of my random blah-blah-blahs and mmm-humms. Enjoy.

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Famous Movie Cars Beautifully Illustrated

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Stunning Entryway of the Nishi Building Includes a Suspended Ceiling of 2,150 Reclaimed Boards from Old Homes and a Basketball Court

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Stefan Bleekrode

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Rim Lee

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Simon Birch (facebook) is a UK-born artist who is a permanent resident of Hong Kong. He has had solo shows in Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, and Singapore, as well as exhibiting in group shows at the Hong Kong Museum of Art (2008), the Haunch of Venison, London, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, in 2011. Working with oil on canvas, Birch has also ventured into film and installation work culminating in some particularly notable large-scale projects, including the 20,000 square feet multimedia installations HOPE & GLORY: A Conceptual Circus (2010) and Daydreaming With…The Hong Kong Edition (2012) at the ArtisTree, TaiKoo Place, Hong Kong. These large multimedia projects integrated paintings with film, installation, sculpture, and performance housed in specifically configured spaces. Birch’s work has been featured and reviewed in many international publications, including Artforum, The Guardian, The International Herald Tribune, and The New York Times.

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Singapore Streetscape: Haji Lane.


Singapore Streetscape: Haji Lane.

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Homage to Ghost in the Shell, art directed by Ash Thorpe

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Chris Koehler

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